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5 Day RV Renovation Summit

The perfect online event for anyone who wants to renovate or remodel an RV to sell, travel or live in! 

(It's also perfect for folks who just enjoy binge watching RV renovation ideas and projects!)

Need Inspiration For Your RV Renovation Project, Makeover or Full Scale Remodel?

Tune in daily for the best-of-the-best RV Renovation Inspiration, Tips, Tricks and Practical DIY Advice!

Over 5 full days, 2 DOZEN RV Renovation Experts will teach you their tried-and-true methods for renovating, remodeling and DIYing RVs from top to bottom and all the stops in between! 

Learn From The Best About...

-> Spotting signs of water damage and how to prevent and repair it.

-> Installing RV flooring (even on those tricky slide-outs)

-> How to paint your RV cabinets...the right way

-> Help with overcoming your fears about the more intimidating aspects of renovating

-> What to look for when buying an RV specifically to renovate and remodel

-> Tips and motivation for renovating an RV if you have ZERO prior renovating experience

Get Information On... 

-> Saving money with budget renovation tips

-> Giving your RV shower a makeover

-> Building lightweight, modern cabinetry to replace your camper cabinets

-> Tips for installing shiplap wall paneling, butcher block countertops, slide-out trim, & more

-> A demonstration of installing residential light fixtures in an RV

-> What to know about trade-in value and extended warranties for renovated RV's

-> RV interior design tips and inspiration

-> How to re-imagine your RV's interior floorpan to make better use of the space

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Day 3 Welcome Call + Renovation Chat

April 27, 2022, 04:00 PM

Sharee Collier Ashley Mann Karla Bradley
Replacing RV Flooring (Including Tricky Slideouts!)

April 28, 2022, 07:00 PM

Renee & Brad Lois Ashley Mann
Water Damage Repair & Roof Replacement

April 28, 2022, 08:00 PM

Heather Fallen
Interior Design Elements and Organization For Your RV Renovation

April 28, 2022, 05:00 PM

Jax Eiferman

Tips & Techniques from 24+ Professional RV Renovators!

Our speakers will be sharing the lessons they've learned and best practices they've adopted through their own experiences as professional RV renovators!  Many of them started out just like you, so you'll come away knowing renovating an RV is completely doable for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work!

Attend your favorite main stage talks, live panels and breakout sessions!

The Ready to RENOVATE Summit has a little something for everyone! Choose the sessions and topics you're most interested in and add any of the talks to your personal event calendar so you can tune in live to watch!

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Catch up on sessions you missed and go back to re-watch the ones you need to take notes on for your own projects anytime you want! You'll have 365 days to get all the details you need!

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-> 1 year of video replays from the Ready to RENOVATE event.

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Rewatch Sarah from @purposeblog talk about Renovating with ZERO Experience...

She tells why you should be tracking all the hours you put into your RV renovation projects and shares how long it takes for her to complete an RV renovation working with her husband and kids! 

Rewatch Marilyn DeBry from Happy Vintage Campers talk about how her family has created a business together renovating cute vintage campers!

Marilyn is an RV renovator who specializes in renovating vintage campers and motorhomes together with her family!  (Her kids now renovate campers on their own, and one is doing this to help pay for college!)  This session will give you incredible insight into her process and tips to get you started on your own!

Rewatch Carrie from @revampingcamping talk about How to Spot and Prevent Water Damage

In this eye-opening session, you'll learn to spot current and potential leak points on your RV, seal the roof and sidewalls of your RV to prevent water damage, identify water damage on the exterior and interior of your RV, and what to look for and avoid when shopping for a used RV!  (This is a session you don't want to miss!!)

Rewatch Cassie & Igor from @tomaz_coast_to_coast talk about RV Reno Projects That Aren't Really As Scary As They Seem

Be sure to pay attention around timestamp 15:23 for an easy but very important tip Igor provides about what he does for every project inside an RV renovation! 

Rewatch Rachel from talk about Demolition Day: How to Safely and Properly Disassemble Your RV Interior

Catch timestamp 7:34 where Rachel goes into 5 important tips you must do before starting any RV demo project! Follow these tips at the start of your demo day to make sure you have minimal to no damage!

Rewatch Jim & Sarah Sanville from @sanvilleinvestments share their techniques for installing shiplap walls, butcher block countertops, rustic slide-out trim, and more!

Their woodworking session covers slide-out trim, custom benches, plank wall paneling, butcher block countertops, and other woodworking projects that they have included in their own renovations. They'll also discuss tips on how to save money during a renovation, things to re-use, how to hang different types of wood, and where to purchase wood for your projects.

Rewatch Ann & Tom from @rvingdogsandwine talk about How to Build Lightweight Cabinetry for RV's

They go through the basic steps for constructing a lightweight RV cabinet and cover topics from layout and design to how they construct and assemble a cabinet just like the cabinetry they use in their own renovations. No woodworking expertise required--this session is great for all levels of renovators!

Rewatch Jax from @freebirdrvs talk about Interior Design Elements and Organization For Your RV Renovation

Big warning to those who are interested in switching out your RV shower fixtures, especially those who want to go with residential models. Make sure to take Jax's recommendation so you can avoid big and costly mistakes like flooding, getting water in your RV walls, and even having to rip it all out and start over. 

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