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Sally G. and Chris W.

@justus2rvrenovation, Just Us 2 Renovation, LLC

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In 2015, Sally and Chris met in NJ, his home state, where they became instant BFFS. In 2017, they decided that with his knowledge from 20+ years in the construction industry and her love of creative design, they would go to her home state of SC and renovate her rental home to flip. While there, they started a contracting company. After a few years, they decided to load up their truck camper that they had refurbished for fun and relocate to Gloucester, VA where Chris had a 1972 Winnebago Indian on his father’s property. During the Winnebago renovation, they realized they LOVED the challenge of small space innovation and design. 

Chris had researched RV Renovations, and after getting established in the area through home improvement jobs, convinced Sally to purchase their 1st RV to flip, a 2001 Shasta fifth wheel. After selling it, they acquired their 2nd, a 1989 Fleetwood Wilderness Yukon named “Beautiful Lemonade” which quickly sold as well. 

At that point, they realized their PASSION and PURPOSE was to find “old school” RV’s and transform them into modern, traveling homes while re-using and re-purposing as much of the original as possible. After starting the company, Just Us 2 RV Renovation, LLC, they began branching out to repair, renovate and rebuild RVs for clients throughout VA. Their current Renovation, “Goldie Lox”, a 1970 Holiday Rambler, is listed for sale.

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RV Tours: Part 2

April 25, 2022, 08:45 PM
Sally G. and Chris W. Jim & Sarah Sanville